knitwear production


Meeting customer expectations


We are especialist in high quality knitted garments, both for circular knit and flat knit. We have the experience and the resources to offer a comprehensive production alternative for top of the range international customers.

Regardless of what you need; basic styles for men, sophisticated garments for women or caring garments for children, our knowhow will meet your expectations.

Description of our offer:

  >  Based on a professional team; with experience and deep understanding of knitwear and the possibilities of the chinese and cambodian market.
  >  Continuous product innovation
  >  Economies of scale: over the last years our volume has increased substantially and has given us more negotiation power in front of core suppliers. This advantage is tranferred to customers directly.
  >  Continuous quality control: ensuring consistency
  >  Fashion sensitive team: we have a sense for fashion, we can advise the customer about their collections and also identify  in time potential problems arising from misunderstanding in the factories.

See also other important features of our service:

short production cycle

Our organization is well aware of how sensitive is the production lead time. Today, a short "time-to-market" becomes essential to ensure success.


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broad material selection

Every season our production covers a diverse selection of materials and techniques, from cotton, viscose to merino or cashmere wool. Our especialization is on materials with long tradition in Europe, especially in Italy, such as merinos or lambswool.


improving our service with our IT infrastructure

TEXone has adopted an innovative tool to improve the communication with our customers. Our webpage is now a meeting point where our staff and our customers share all the information.

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logistic services

In addition to our production services we also can provide with complete logistic support.


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