IT system



Complete, accurate and timely information


Our company is fully aware of the challenges and opportunities that technology brings us nowadays, only those organizations technologically superior will strive in the market. With the aim of offer the best service we have set-up our web interface for customer communication. This tool is boosting our level of service improving transparency, clarity and team-working.


The main features of our IT system include:


empowering teamworking and standard operation with our WEB2.0 application

When our customers use our IT system for communication and followup, the teamworking between both companies increases and also a standard operation procedure is put in practice. All the information required for order followup and administration is centrally managed in this system.

Likewise the transparency and "sense of control" on the customer side improves greatly.


web based

Based on the web standard protocol, our system makes easy for any individual to use it. No prior knowledge is needed. Minimum "computer culture" is required. Is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from anywhere in the world.


email notification

When any relevant event is added or updated in the system an email message will be sent to your company. This can also be integrated together a smartphone system to receive automatic notification everywhere in the world.



historical information

Information is a very valuable asset. You can benefit from more than 10 terabytes of knowhow that our company has accumulated over the years. Using our historical information within seconds our staff can get the knowledge needed for a particular production.



Service infrastructure


This service is configured and maintained in-house in our Zaragoza office, it consists of three servers running several database servers, webservers and mail server. Backup copies are performed regularly and stored separately. Everyday tens of users access to the site for normal daily work (both texone staff and customers).