Our guiding principles



Adding value to the society where we live in

Our company is commited to the overall development of the social environment where we operate: our customers, our factories and our people.


customer orientation

The customer is the focal center of our activity. When we talk about corporate philosophy, what we are actually talking about are our customers. After all it is our customers' expectations and their success, which form the basis of everything we do. We have defined our concerns for our customers in a series of fundamental values: Innovation and quality awareness determine both our products and our actions. Our policy towards both customers and employees is founded on fairness, integrity and a genuine spirit of partnership..


factory and market compliance

Production managers today face an enormous responsibility towards the society and the world we live in. We are not only looking for quality and value, we are also concerned about how the goods are made. Compliance is a key element along all the steps of our supply chain. Through systematic inspection, audit and vendor education we help customers enforce their high standards throughout the factory base.

Our major concerns are child labour, local labor regulation and environmental protection, we make all the effort to ensure our production complies with the highest standards defined by local goverments and major international organizations.

TEXone supports and complies with the UN Global Compact initiative


training and coaching staff

With the aim of increasing the professional competence of our staff training sessions are organized regularly. Likewise, senior managers in the company offer coaching advise to junior members in order to develop interpersonal skills. We greatly encourage development on personal integrity and leadership.